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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you get such great prices? Are these low-quality or cheap services?

We ONLY work with quality companies who provide top-tier services. For many pest control companies, selling service is expensive, time-consuming, and out of their comfort zone. By connecting companies to customers online, we eliminate a lot of sales costs and pain for companies which allows us to reduce your cost. Everyone wins -- thank you technology!

Where do your reviews come from?

We partner with the software companies who pest control companies use and send out review requests after every service that is performed. This allows us to collect hundreds of thousands of reviews across the United States. Aside from blanking out personal details like names and prices, we DO NOT manipulate or hide and information from these reviews. This way you get real, verified, and honest reviews from actual customers.

How is pest control priced?

While pricing changes from service to service, general pest control will typically always consist of a one-time initial treatment that is more in-depth than subsequent treatments followed by either a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly regular service.

Why do I need year-round service? Isn't a one-time shot good enough?

Welcome to the world of insects! Insects reproduce and travel at ALARMING rates. A typical ant colony has between 200-400 thousand ants. As a result, if you do not have some sort of regular service, you will never really get rid of the problem. Pest control is most effective when done regularly and in a preventative manner. While a one-time shot may help with the volume of pests around your home, it usually takes a few treatments to eliminate the problems.

Is pest control safe?

Pest control products have come a LONG way in the last 50 years. The approach has changed from dropping napalm-like chemicals around your home to applying low-impact, environmentally responsible products in strategic locations. The technician who performs your service is an expert on pests and can think like they do. Pest Control companies have gotten very smart and can treat your home effectively using responsible products that pose minimal threat to you and your family.

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